The new integrity
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The innovative features

Unique innovative Sample Barcode Identification (SBI) for 1D or 2D barcodes (vials and/or trays).

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Injection Performance Monitoring (IPM) allows advanced monitoring and recording of injection system performance during analytical runs.

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Sample Temperature Control (STC) avoids deterioration of samples or increases solubility.

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Pressure Assisted Sample Aspiration (PASA™) - extra sample head space pressure avoids air bubbles and allows for fast sample aspiration.

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2 Extra Integrated Stream Switch (ISS™) valves can be installed to integrate on-line sample prep solutions.

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Double Independent Concentric Needle™ technology allows last-out-of vial sampling by using small flexible analytical needles.

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A separate wash pump plus a smart combination of air and solvent streams enables thorough cleaning of the needle pair - inside and outside.

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Ultra fast injection valve, special UHPLC injection routine and superior micro-volume injection - up to 18,000 psi.

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Homogenizer Mixer (HoMix) device for internal standard addition, dilution, pre-column derivatization, sample homogenizing, etc.

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Sub-microLiter sampling, vial bottom sensing and DICN™ injection technology for analysis of the smallest of samples.

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Rapidly heats samples, reagents or mixtures of both just prior to injection up to 75°C - for faster reaction kinetics.

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What I demand from an autosampler
Sample integrity

Sample integrity is of vital importance and secured by our new SBI™, IPM™ and STC™ technologies. Feel confident about your results!

Zero Carry over

With PowerWash™ carryover has no chance. 3 wash solvents can be selected whilst the wash solvent pump and air compressor work together to clean up inside and outside the needles, and drying them as well.


Our robust PASA™ concept has proven its reliability in more than 25,000 autosamplers. Simplicity of concept, the absence of a needle port plus a syringe that is never in contact with the sample all contribute to unsurpassed robustness.

More...Integrated Sample Prep

Integrity™ is more than a top autosampler. It’s also a sample prep device in which the HoMix™, ISS™, STC™ and HotCap™ can be used to develop solutions, pre-injection.


Integrity™ has many innovative sample handling features in addition to multiple injection modes.  Comprehensive low level and easy high level programming of all functions make the Integrity™ extremely flexible to meet your automation demands.


The Integrity™ and Spark Holland are ready to take on the challenge. We are experienced in OEM manufacturing, offering services in all technical areas and experienced project management. Share your ideas and let us implement Better Sample Care into your system.